Detached signature on multiple files?

Greg Strong Greg Strong <>
Fri Aug 16 21:00:02 2002

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Hello Erik,

On Fri, 16 Aug 2002, at 12:04:48 [GMT -0400] your time you wrote in

E> I was able to make it work with the following commandline:

E> FOR %%f IN (*.txt) DO gpg --passphrase-fd 0 < pasphrase.txt
E> --detach-sign %%f (passphrase is read from 'passphrase.txt')

Thanks it works.  I should mention 3 issues for others who are

1) Save passphrase in a file name less than or equal to 8 characters
   because on Win98 in DOS box the tilde (~) will be used to truncate
   the name of the file to 8 characters. In other words if I saved my
   passphrase to "pasphrase.txt" which is 9 characters long, then in a
   DOS box it must be entered as "PASPHR~1.TXT".

2) When creating detached signature files with GnuPG from the command
   line the syntax of the file name for the detached signature file is
   different than when created with GPGtools of GPGshell. For example
   the original file name to create a detached signature is "test.doc"
   with GPGtools the detached signature file's name is "test.doc.sig"
   whereas from the command line it is "test.sig"

3) Do a secure wipe of the file which your passphrase was stored. I use
   Eraser which has Gutmann or US DOD wipe options available. Obviously
   this is of concern where your PC is not secure. Others on the list
   I'm sure have other thoughts about security on a Windows machine, but
   that is a discussion I don't want to even get into.

Thanks again for the help Erik.
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