Key e-mail address

Mark Kirchner
Sat Aug 17 20:22:02 2002

Hi Jacob,

On Friday, August 16, 2002, 9:37:59 PM, Jacob wrote:
> Isn't there a way to list multiple e-mail addresses for one public key?

Yes, definitely.

> Would this be by adding subkeys,

No, subkeys are not necessary.

> or is there another way?

You have to add another user-id:
- edit the key ("gpg --edit YOUR_KEY_ID" e.g. "gpg --edit 0x19DC86D3"
  for my key)
- add a user-id ("adduid")
- enter the necessary information
- save changes ("save")

Of course, this is only possible for your own keys (you'll need the
secret key).

Mark Kirchner

Key (0x19DC86D3) available: