[Enigmail] PGP 8/Keyserver Back

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez Fabian.Rodriguez@Toxik.com
Tue Aug 20 14:42:02 2002

I think it's a good opportunity to remind ourselves to use "OpenPGP" when
talking about IDs, signatures, etc., in order to make it clear that we
support a standard, not an application. Automatic block signatures better
reflect application versions, but the confusion between PGP, GPG (the
applications) and OpenPGP (the standard) will continue if we don't  use the
right words.

Maybe I am picky, but you should hear end-users...

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> >After 5 months of downtime, keyserver.pgp.com is back up and running
> >for your key searching and adding pleasure.
> >
> >We will soon be contacting the admins of the worldwide keyserver
> >network to resychronize the databases.
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