Signature key length limitations

Aaron Lehmann
Wed Aug 21 06:24:02 2002

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On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 07:54:37PM -0700, Len Sassaman wrote:
> GnuPG can interact with RSA v3 keys (old-style RSA keys), but if you
> generate an RSA key with GnuPG, it will be V4, and have all the associated
> properties. (Just like DSA v4 keys, it will have a primary key for
> signing, and a subkey for encryption. These are actually two seperate RSA
> keys).

I just walked a friend through the process of creating an RSA key with
GPG (always use a guinea pig!) and it seems to work fine. However, the
keyservers think his key has an ID totally different from what GPG
says it is. Because of this they're also confused by his
self-signature and think it's a signature from an unknown key. This
also forces people who what to grab his key from the keyserver to
request keyid 46E8F0B5 instead of the last 8 hex digits of the
fingerprint (0B2F2D54). Aaarrgh. But this problem is kind of off-topic
and belongs on pgp-keyserver-folk....

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