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Anthony E. Greene
Wed Aug 21 08:17:02 2002

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On 21-Aug-2002/12:11 +0800, Frank Yip <> wrote:
>I have a serious problem now. I have an application which will first
>encrypt a file with specific recipient and upload to a ftp server in
>first day. Then in second day, the same program will run and it will
>download the encrypted file (first day uploaded file) if certain
>situation is not happend. Then it will try to decrypt the file. In the
>past it works fine because the program use DES. The problem now is as the
>file is encrypted with specific recipient. I can't decrypt the encrypted
>file which is encrypted by me in the second day as I am not the
>recipient. Is there any way to make this work by allowing me (the sender)
>to decrypt the file which is encrypted by me??

Include your own key in the recipient list:

  gpg -e -r 0xMyKey -r 0xYourKey filename

Or add this to your options file:

  encrypt-to 0xYourKey

That way your keyid is automatically added to the recipient list.

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