most convenient key type?

Janusz A. Urbanowicz
Thu Aug 22 00:16:01 2002

David Shaw napisa=B3[a]/wrote/schrieb:
> There are still the two catches I mentioned before - most keyservers
> don't like this key and until the keyserver bugs are fixed, I can't
> upload the whole key (I have to leave off one of the subkeys to avoid
> the key corruption bug), and that PGP won't verify a signature made by
> the signing subkey.  GnuPG and PGP-ckt will.

It is always possible to use primary key for signing if necessary. And I am
not afraid of the keyserver problems because I couldn't upload my
current(provious) key anyway - it had subkeys and other stuff keyservers
don't like.

BTW: it is legal/a good thing to put URI of the signing key in the signature
notation? What are notations for anyway?