Mikee in mikee23in@yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 15:41:02 2002


please could someone explain to me what --status-fd
actually does. 

i'm writing c++ application that calls gpg commands
using spawnl .  i have created a filestream and i want
to use the file descriptor with the --status-fd and
--command-fd so that i can check the different error

gpg --status-fd --command-fd 3 --decrypt abc.gpg 

(3 - file desc)

simply gives messages on the console (stdout)

i want to get the status messages to the file.

pls let me know if i have done something wrong there.
plus i would like to know what exactly happens using
the --status-fd and --command-fd

the docs have only a small definition. and the
doc/Details file.. contains only the format of
--status-fd output.

pls. help


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