CR-LF on OpenVMS ?

Steve Butler
Tue Aug 27 18:12:03 2002

Is this before or after sending the file through an FTP transmission medium?
We have problems with one client who uses WS-FTP to send encrypted files to
us.  They do this in binary mode.  Still, somewhere along the path a random
<CR> or two will be dropped (yes, in BIN mode).  If they try the FTP two or
three times in a row, the transmission will eventually send all the

So, is this after an FTP transmission and is the destination encrypted file
the same size as the source encrypted file?  If not, then you may have found
a more serious problem.

--Steve Butler
Oracle Administrator
First Choice Health Network

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Subject: CR-LF on OpenVMS ?

      The financial aid industry in the US uses OpenPGP to secure file
transmissions and we've built our systems around GPG.  Everything has
worked great so far, but we just encountered a problem with one of our
schools who is using GPG on VMS.  If they encrypt a text file that contains
CR-LF's the decryption fails.  Has any else encountered this ?

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