GPGME - Solaris 7 - Segmentation Fault :-(

Werner Koch
Tue Aug 27 18:44:01 2002

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 16:15:23 +0200, Eberhard Burkard said:

> Hi.
> Today i have updated to GPG 1.07 and GPGME 0.39 and i got a problem. 
> GPG is working but when i compile GPGME an do "make check" 13 of 14 test
> fail with a segmentation fault.

There are log files for each test (e.g. t-sign.log) which should
reveal some more information.  You should run the actual command
aunder a debugger and provide a stack backtrace:

  cd checks
  srcdir=. show_cmds=. ./t-sign

Shows you how gpg is invoked.