GPGME - Solaris 7 - Segmentation Fault :-(

Gordon Worley
Tue Aug 27 19:31:01 2002

On Tuesday, August 27, 2002, at 10:15  AM, Eberhard Burkard wrote:

> Hi.
> Today i have updated to GPG 1.07 and GPGME 0.39 and i got a problem.
> GPG is working but when i compile GPGME an do "make check" 13 of 14 test
> fail with a segmentation fault.
> ... /bin/ksh: 1344 Segmentation Fault
> FAIL: t-encrypt-sign
> /bin/ksh: 1357 Segmentation Fault
> FAIL: t-sign
> /bin/ksh: 1370 Segmentation Fault
> FAIL: t-signers
> /bin/ksh: 1383 Segmentation Fault
> FAIL: t-decrypt
> checking a valid message:
> /bin/ksh: 1396 Segmentation Fault
> ...
> My system is a SPARCstation 10 with Solaris 7 and i use gcc 2.95.2.
> Is somebody out who can help me?

I've had problems with malloc and free before on Solaris 7 with programs 
I write for school.  At home I run Darwin and when programs end if I 
haven't free'd something that I malloc'd, when the memory my program has 
been using is returned to the system nothing bad happens.  Solaris 
bitches, though, and segfaults.  The program runs fine all the way 
through to returning from main(), and when it does that there's a 

This may not be what's happening in this case, but that's something that 
I've experienced so you may want to check for it.

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