Compiling GPG 1.0.7 in MacOS10.2

Gordon Worley
Wed Aug 28 02:25:02 2002

On Tuesday, August 27, 2002, at 03:48  PM, wrote:

> I just started using GnuPG on Mac OS10.2 and an having problems. I 
> followed all instructions but think that GPG did not compile properly. 
> When I try to generate the keys using  either GPGKey or manually in the 
> Terminal I get this message:
> [Brian-Lynns-Computer:~] ronin1% gpg --gen-key
> gpg: Command not found.
> [Brian-Lynns-Computer:~] ronin1%

We keep getting this one.  Here's a message that went out to the 
macgpg-users and macgpg-announce list:

> We (the MacGPG team) are aware of a change in Jaguar that prevents GPG
> from running from the command line (in a Terminal session).  This issue
> also prevents certain functionality in GPGKeys - functionality that
> requires a Terminal session - from working correctly.
> Specifically, the path /usr/local/bin is no longer part of the default
> environment variables for the system.  Once I have a copy of Jaguar (I'm
> going to tonight's release party at the Apple Store in Littleton, CO), I
> will hopefully be able to address the issue with a new installer 
> release.
> In the meantime, you can still install GPG 1.0.7 using the installer
> provided at
>  After
> installing, however, it will be necessary to add /usr/local/bin to the
> $PATH environment variable.  If you are running tcsh (you'll know if you
> aren't - it's the default shell), you can add the following line to your
> ~/.cshrc file using the pico text editor:
> set path = ( $path /usr/local/bin );
> The more UNIX-savvy out there should be able to add this to a
> system-wide configuration file.  From what I've been reading so far,
> Jaguar's default location for csh environment files isn't the same.
> Happy Hunting!
> When I do have an updated installer available, you will be able to run
> it and install over the 1.0.7r2 edition without any problems, and it
> will fix the problem.
> Stay tuned!
> Chad
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