WinPT problem - secret keys

Martin Schoch Martin Schoch <>
Wed Aug 28 08:22:02 2002

Hello list

 I started with GnuPG 1.0.6 and WinPT - nice work. I am not sure if I
 can ask a question here about WinPT 0.5.13

 I imported all me public keys from PGP - no problem!

 But then I wanted to import my secret keys from the old PGP secret
 file - this "worked" (the little window said) - but in the list of
 WinPT they are not displayed. And if I want to sign a message they
 are not displayed in the window to choose a key.

 If I go directly to GPG with --list-secret-keys they are displayed.

 Where is the problem?

Best regards,
Martin Schoch