PGP 8.0 released today

Johan Wevers
Wed Dec 4 14:55:08 2002

pplf wrote:

> But the freeware version has no plug-in at all (just PGPkeys and 
> clipboard or file encryption). If you want use the e-mail plug-ins, you 
> must pay for it... :-(

Further, I tried to download the source but got an error. The license
document talked sometimes over the "source" and sometimes over the
"source-SDK" (when talking about including it), does this version has a
complete source code release or is it just the SDK?

And when you find a bug you have to report it to them only, and are only
allowed to publish it openly 30 days after you report it to them. So since
you are officially (unofficially you change it yourself of course when you
know how, AND when they release the complete source) not allowed to
distribute any changed versions they want 30 days security by obscurity. :-(

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