Bunch of stupid(?) Newbie Questions :)

Johan Wevers johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 4 14:55:10 2002

You, David Pic_n _lvarez, wrote:

Hmmm. Some 8-bit chars in your name that my terminal doesn't support I

> DSA compliance. The RSA part can be bigger than 1024.

But it doesn't matter much securitywise, since the size of the calculated
hash is the limiting factor. When larger hashes come into use (SHA-2) this
will become important securitywise.

> GnuPG is free software. PGP is not. Also there are other issues, but at this
> particular point, gpg seems to implement a wider range of capabilities than
> PGP, functionally speaking. PGP's interface seems to be more ameanable to
> point-and-click people, though.

Not to mention the fact that the newer pgp versions run only on windows and
mac, and gnupg runs on a much wider range of systems. Although the still
much used pgp 2.6.3i also runs on many systems.

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