New mirror for WinPT + GnuPG installer

Johan Wevers
Wed Dec 4 14:55:13 2002

Michael Nahrath wrote:

> At <> I have not found a link to
> <> or one of the other installer sites.

It might be due to differences in opinion of both development teams. As far
as I understand it, Nullify tries to make a windows version without certain
limitations that the standard distribution has (like delivering idea.dll by
default, patching SHA2 in gpg.exe and increase support for RSA v3 keys for
compatibility with pgp 2.x.).

Further they use a propriarity windows compiler (VC++ 6 I believe) instead
of using a crosscompiler on Linux.

Further Nullify has a history of solving irritating bugs in the windows
version much sooner than the official release (like the win2000 keysever
bug) but that isn't much of an issue any more since gnupg 1.2.1-1.

Since I know that Werner is rather picky about these things that could
explain the absence of a link, but that's only a guess.

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