GPG 1.3.1: Can't import key

Michael Nahrath
Wed Dec 4 23:38:02 2002

Michael Nahrath <> schrieb am 2002-12-04 22:58 Uhr:

> Last night I compiled GPG 1.3.1 on MacOS 10.2.2.
> Works fine until now.
> On verifying the signature on David's recent posting my Mail-Plugin got
> stuck, so I tried to import his key 0x10F4B2AA on the commandline.
> nothing happens for about 90 seconds, then it complets with
>   gpg: key 10F4B2AA: "David Picon Alvarez <>" not
>       changed
>   gpg: Total number processed: 1
>   gpg:              unchanged: 1
> Now typing 
>   gpg --edit-key 0x10F4B2AA
> prints the three lines warning and then waits for 30 seconds before
> displying the key-data.

OK, some news:

After I had his key in my keyring _everything_ was extremely slow with GPG,
even editing other keys.

Now I deleted the two revoked UIDs (6 and 7) and everything is fine again, I
even could verify his signature.

How can it be that importing a key from a keyserver makes a whole keyring
almost unusable. May there be a way to build a filter into GPG to prevent

Greeting, Michi