PGP 8.0 released today

Per Tunedal
Thu Dec 5 08:55:01 2002

At 15:12 2002-12-04 -0800, you wrote:
 >whatever anyone else can say about it,
 >{and there is what to say}
 >it is still the *easiest* gui encryption software to use,
 >and is now once again open source,
 >and can be an easy starting point for people who otherwise would not use
 >'any' encryption, and do not yet want to hear about manual option entries
 >or command lines
 >{until their tastes yearn for the many more things that can be done
 >with gnupg, and then they eventually use gnupg}

 >with Respect,

I am using GPG Relay for casual encryption and signing. It's the easiest 
GUI I have ever seen! It's nearly invisible! But there has to be a power 
user somewhere to install and configure it. But after setup anyone, even my 
small children and my grandmother can send encrypted mail. They would NEVER 
use PGP.

Per Tunedal