Why you should not use PGP

Per Tunedal pt@radvis.nu
Thu Dec 5 09:33:01 2002

At 17:39 2002-12-04 -0600, you wrote:
 >I use GnuPG and open source shells, but I'm an engineer. I didn't choose
 >GnuPG because I think it's a better program than PGP 8. I chose it
 >because it's open-source, and I understand why that's important for
 >Windows users, on the other hand, obviously trust at least one
 >commercial software developer, so why shouldn't we encourage PGP 8.0's
 >use by the Windows masses?  Presuming they like it's simpler interface,
 >trust the software developers, and are willing to pay for it? By and
 >large, the windows masses will never use GnuPG - so what's the harm in
 >promoting PGP 8?
 >The only way to get widespread use by non-technical types of GnuPG is to
 >have a really slick GUI design with nice a nice installer, great
 >documentation, and good technical support. These are the sort of
 >"non-programming" tasks that commercial software developers do ten times
 >better than free software projects. (Notice: I did not state that either
 >group performs any of said non-programming tasks "well" or even
 >Ryan Malayter

I have found PGP too complicated for most people. We had a discussion on 
this list "Why isn't everybody doing it". I know lots of people who should 
use encryption but keep sending confidential information unencrypted 
because they find it to hard to encrypt.

GPG has got a much better GUI for Windows: GPG Relay. Andreas John has made 
a wonderful tool. You'd better try it! There are som bugs left (some 
trouble with keymanagement i WindowXP) but it will be fixed in the next 
release (coming soon!). I am testing an improved development version. 
Download the latest stable version (stable in Windows98) here:


Per Tunedal