PGP 8.0 upgrade available

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Fri Dec 6 01:58:10 2002

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We got this today, I thought it'd be interesting to share it with
GnuPG users, if only to know what PGP commercial users are going
through and let us better present the alternatives.

FYI, we bought 8.0 before its release, and had the right to use the
last version (7.1.1). The original message was in html, although only
bold and hyperlinks were present.


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Reply-To: "PGP Corporation" <>
From: "PGP Corporation" <>
Subject: PGP Upgrade Confirmation
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 11:51:18 -0500
Importance: High

Dear PGP Customer:

Announcing the Availability of PGP 8.0
When we announced the formation of PGP 16 weeks ago, we focused on
three things: continuity, customer relationships, and technology; our
announcements today are a direct result of these objectives. PGP 8.0
is a significant technology update and expansion of our products;
shipment of PGP Personal 8.0, PGP Freeware 8.0, and PGP Source Code
8.0 are part of our commitment to PGP's legacy.

Please Find Attached Your PGP 8.0 Upgrade
Since PGP 8.0 is such an outstanding product, we wanted customers to
received upgrades as soon as possible. Since you purchased products
from PGP Corporation directly, we are able today to provide
everything you need to upgrade to PGP 8.0. Attached to this email is
a URL from which you can download PGP 8.0 and a license number
required to use this product. Download and use is available

Download your product(s) here:

Which PGP 8.0 Products You Will Receive
Note that current PGP bundles may not be exactly the same as the
products you purchased. When no exactly comparable bundle was
available, we have upgraded customers to the next closest product
with greater capabilities, never less.

Your PGP License Term Remains Unchanged
This PGP 8.0 upgrade will replace the products you use, but does not
change the details or length of your license. Please continue to use
PGP products in compliance with the original license terms.

Additional PGP 8.0 Information
We made announcements today about a number of new PGP products. More
information for these announcements is available on the PGP website
- - PGP 8.0 New Features
- - PGP 8.0 Personal
- - PGP 8.0 Freeware
- - PGP 8.0 Source Code Release
- - PGP 8.0 License Numbers
- - PGP Operational Update
- - PGP Customer Feedback

Questions About This Upgrade
If you have questions on this PGP 8.0 upgrade, please review more
detailed information and FAQs at You can also contact
PGP about this upgrade at; we will respond as quickly
as we can.

Thanks for your interest and support of PGP.

Best Regards,

The Executive Team
PGP Corporation
Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32) - WinPT 0.7.92-cvs