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Per Tunedal
Fri Dec 6 11:20:02 2002

At 11:24 2002-12-05 -0600, you wrote:

 >The ultimate goal is to bring encryption to people who wouldn't have it
 >otherwise.  The benefit it brings is some extra security where there would
 >be none otherwise.  The users of this mailing list (who already know how to
 >use GnuPG, and do so) are not the "target audience."  The target is the
 >granny who won't put up with a passphrase in a million years.
 >With tools yet to be created, people could get the benefits of encryption
 >without having to understand it.  The robot CA will make those tools work

I agree with you Kyle. This is a very important step forward.

 >I've heard before the objection that this produces a false sense of
 >security.  I don't deny it.  What I think, though, is that the false sense
 >of security will always be a problem.  I've talked to users who are
 >astonished to learn that their sysadmin can read their email on the mail
 >server.  I want those who don't understand security, who think they have
 >some, to actually have more than they do now, even if it's not the most
 >that's possible.

I agree.

Per Tunedal