Policy URLs

Kai Raven k.raven@freenet.de
Fri Dec 6 12:05:02 2002

Hello David,

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 10:14:41 -0000 you wrote:

> How do you mean when signing a key? I mean, I have my key and I want
> to establish a policy URL for it. Do I use this switch when I sign
> someone else's key? 

Yes, e. g.
gpg --set-policy-url http://abcd/certpol.html --sign key-id
setting this with gpg --gen-key, your new generated key has the policy

> Because somehow I don't think I can re-sign my key
> just like that.

Mmmh, i think you must first del your sig and make a new one (?)
set-policy-url - a point for the --edit-key menu? ;) 
> > --notation-data info="this key signs..."

> When do I use this other switch?

Also when signing a key or you can add this to your gpg.conf, than
everytime signing a key, the same notation is added.


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