AW: Robot CA at

Mortimer Graf zu Eulenburg
Fri Dec 6 12:17:01 2002

I totally agree about the overall idea being very good to make GnuPG
more transparent and to show an immediate benefit and example for new

Thats why i suggest the whole process should be transparent to the user
and not running in the backyard of his computer.

The German GnuPP- project has Adele, a robot to train encryption and
signing with. Adele listens to
Maybe a member of this team listens here and can give some explanations
how the lady is accepted and what experiences they got from it ?

Greetz, Mortimer

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>  >>Where's the benefit?  If it was guaranteed that ALL keys 
> would have  >>such a signature then there is the traffic 
> analysis benefit of never  >>sending a message like in the 
> second example.  However, in the real  >>world there is no 
> such guarantee.  >  >The benefit is in automation.  >  >Once 
> you have a robot CA, you can make an email client that looks 
> for  >recipient keys and automatically encrypts for them if 
> they have the robot's  >signature.  (More generally, it 
> encrypts to any key that's considered  >valid, and you make 
> the robot's key a trusted signer.)  >  >Once you have that, 
> you can make the same client automatically generate a  >key 
> on installation and get it signed.  Then people are using 
> encryption  >transparently.  >