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Per Tunedal
Fri Dec 6 14:36:04 2002

At 12:57 2002-12-06 +0100, you wrote:
 >Per Tunedal <> schrieb am 2002-12-06 10:08 Uhr:
 >>>> Or you let the signing key expire (eg after 1 year).
 >>> Better to expire the signatures themselves.  If you expire your
 >>> signing key, then everyone will have to get their key re-signed.
 >> I agree. Otherwise the CA-service would be useless.
 >Do you still posess all mail addresses you had 5 Years ago? Who does?
 >So what is the use of signing an e-mail address for infinite time?
 >For the service to be usefull the need to recertify after a period of time
 >is mandatory.
 >If it works with expiring signatures as well I am fine about it.
 >But letting the authority's key expire (not revoke it!) was not a problem
 >I have several trust paths in my keyring that depend on expired CA keys and
 >thy work fine.
 >And if a user who relies on a robotCA signature gets the message:
 >"This signature is more than a year old and thus needs to be updated" it is
 >a good thing to happen.
 >Greeting, Michi

Your are right! Besides, X.509-certicates usually will expire in one year. 
So it might not be any big fuzz if the signatures from the Robot-CA expires.
Per Tunedal