Why you should not use PGP

Ryan Malayter rmalayter@bai.org
Fri Dec 6 17:20:01 2002

From: Johan Wevers [mailto:johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl]=20
>Even now European governments are bending to pressure=20
>from the USA to limit personal freedoms more and more,

As an American who has traveled a bit in Europe, I think you've got that
backwards. Europeans, in my opinion, enjoy fewer personal freedoms than
Americans. It is France which outlaws strong cryptography. It is Great
Brittan's police that search the private residences and possessions of
its Irish citizens without due process or probable cause. Only recently
have we Americans been subjected to search by machine-gun toting
soldiers in airports - something I saw in Frankfurt back in 1991. And I
believe you cannot legally own a firearm for personal protection in any
European country.

The Netherlands, of course, seems to be an exception to this rule, but
to my knowledge only with regards to recreational drug use.
Specifically, what other freedoms do you enjoy that we Americans do not?