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Kai Raven k.raven@freenet.de
Fri Dec 6 19:50:02 2002

Hello David,

On Fri, 6 Dec 2002 08:01:02 -0500 you wrote:

> Note that the OpenPGP standard doesn't like people to use any tag name
> they like ("info" in the above example).  The standard asks that
> people who want to make up their own tags use a tag name like
> "info@some.domain.com".  You can use your email address for example,
> but the only important thing is that it has a '@' in there somewhere.

Have read this in 
Names in the user name space consist of a UTF-8 string tag followed
by "@" followed by a DNS domain name. Note that the tag MUST NOT
contain an "@" character. For example, the "sample" tag used by
Example Corporation could be "sample@example.com".

Names in a user space are owned and controlled by the owners of that
domain. Obviously, it's of bad form to create a new name in a DNS
space that you don't own.

Since the user name space is in the form of an email address,
implementers MAY wish to arrange for that address to reach a person
who can be consulted about the use of the named tag.  Note that due
to UTF-8 encoding, not all valid user space name tags are valid
email addresses. 

for my understanding: the name@domain syntax has something to do with
the UTF-8 encoding or name resolution? Don't understand this
section very well.
And what would you say is the best or general form of the 'name' part of
the notation string for a private user? The e-mail address of the
person, who is the holder or creator of the notation or in conjunction
with a sig or cert policy, the holder/creator of the policy?


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