Question GnuPG screen output

Michael Nahrath
Sat Dec 7 15:42:01 2002

Martin Schoch <> schrieb am 2002-12-07 15:05 Uhr:

> Is it possible to setup GnuPG which character code it is using
> for the output on the screen.
> It seems that "--charset code" doesn't have an influence...

It depends ...

Try key 0x307D56ED (No=E8l K=F6the) for an example.

If you set --charset utf8 and configure your terminal to use utf-8 the key
data will get displayed correctly.

If you set --charset iso-8859-1 and configure your terminal to use charset
iso-8859-1 the key data will get displayed correctly as well.

This was for the key data.

Now comes the user-interface:

If you use the program in a localized version that uses non-ASCII
characters things are not so easy.

Try "export LANG=3Dde_DE" (for the bash shell) and then use GPG.

Since the localiation files (In my case
/usr/local/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ contain
non-ASCII=A0characters hard-coded as ISO-8859-1 using this
charset for the terminal (and in consequence for GPG) will
be your only choice if you don't like scrambled letters.

Greeting, Michi