setting owner trust

Michael Nahrath
Sun Dec 8 03:17:02 2002

Some days ago I wrote:

> I just typed "gpg --edit-key XXXXXXXX   trust   2   q"

... which means 4 seperated interactions.

Ever since I am wondering if there isn't a command or an option that allow
to do this directly from the command line.

Why isn't there a   "gpg --set-owner-trust --value f 0xXXXXXXXX"
or                  "gpg --edit-key --trust f 0xXXXXXXXX" ?

(Note: the second syntax could easyly make each interactive subcommand of
       --edit-key a command-line otion)

Or does it exist and I simply don't find it by searching the manpage for the
string "trust"?

Maybe not.

The man-page (GPG 1.3.1) contains:

                 Do trust DB maintenance.  This command goes over
                 all keys and builds the Web-of-Trust. This is an
                 interactive  command  because  it may has to ask
                 for the "ownertrust" values of keys.   The  user
                 has  to give an estimation in how far she trusts
                 the owner of the displayed key to correctly cer-
                 tify  (sign)  other  keys.  It does only ask for
                 that value if it has not yet been assigned to  a
                 key.   Using  the  edit  menu, that value can be
                 changed at any time later.

So there seems to be no other UI for this value but the edit menue
intendedly. Why?

Greeting, Michi