warning msg - what does it mean

David Jourard cgi@bytesinteractive.com
Mon Dec 9 23:25:02 2002


> > I get this message:
> >
> > gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir "/home/gpg"
> >
> > where I keep my keyrings which I uploaded (pubring.gpg and
> > trustdb.gpg) and maintained on my desktop
> >
> > Any ideas. If its nothing whats the parameter to turn off the
> > warnings.
>Uh, I would guess it means that directory has unsafe ownership. What
>does 'ls -l /home/gpg' give you?

775 owned by root and group root.

I tried a stricter subset but it wouldn't work and perhaps its because the 
scripts are running suid.    The executable is 6755 where the permissions 
are setgid and setuid. Setting it to just setuid did not work.

Any suggestions.  Thank-you