Despite "no-include-revoked" revoked still included

Dick Gevers Dick Gevers <>
Tue Dec 10 20:32:05 2002

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Hi David and others,

On Tuesday, 10 December 2002 at 12:53 h, David Shaw wrote about
"Re: Despite "no-include-revoked" revoked still included":

>This involves keeping the actual data around and just hiding it 
>the user which GnuPG already does (in some places anyway).  That's
>why a revoked user ID doesn't show up in --list-keys.  The same 
>could be used to hide revoked subkeys, etc.

Sorry, no, that's not what I meant. I just want to cut the 
'deadwood' of revoked and expired userID's and signatures from my 
current pubring and upon either --refresh-keys I wouldn't (again) 
receive revoked and expired data for the current keys in my ring 
and in case of --recv-keys I would get only current data, exclusive 

of revoked & expired IDs and signatures.  

Perhaps an example makes my intention clearer:
say I have Key 0x12345678 John Doe <>
this Key includes User ID:
[Revoked] JohnnyboyD <>
and signature 0xABCDEFGH expired 2000-01-01.

Since the revoked UserID and the expired signature are useless for 
me, I would want to delete it from my pubring. However, upon 
- --refresh-keys it reappears, so my deletion has no effect. But my 

wished-for-option, if set, would keep the Key 0x12345678 on my 
keyring but not import the revoked UserID nor the expired 
signature. I don't see the need to keep these data anywhere. I am 
just saying to the import-job "please filter the deadwood and do 
not import".

Similarly, I would want a --recv-keys command (with a similar 
option) to filter out the revoked and expired data from the asked-
for-key and import only the current data.

Presently I note that there is a very large number of keys around 
with such dead data clinging to it, so with these options I would 
get a cleaner pubring but still have all the currently valid data 

Again, I can imagine it might a big job to realize and from my side 

it's merely wishful thinking. But I appreciate your consideration.

Best regards,
=Dick Gevers=

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