Despite "no-include-revoked" revoked still included

David Shaw
Wed Dec 11 04:10:07 2002

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 09:32:59PM -0000, Dick Gevers wrote:

> >What I was suggesting (and perhaps did not explain well) is a
> >feature for GnuPG where it simply never shows you revoked
> >subkeys, revoked user IDs, etc. during a --list-keys.  They may be
> >there, but you won't see them so the effective result is the same
> >as if they were deleted.
> I understood it well enough but perhaps I didn't address the point
> clearly enough: I don't mind seeing the data (and would in fact
> personally prefer them not to be hidden), but my personal aim in
> this respect is to obtain a lean and mean pubring devoid of
> unneeded data. I will manually delete revoked and expired data and
> the option should filter them from reappearing.

Ah, I see.  This is one of those things where it's actually not all
that hard to do... but really hard to make interactive in a sane and
usable way.  I'll put it on my "think about this some more" list.


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