signing emails

David Shaw
Wed Dec 11 15:59:01 2002

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 03:44:27PM +0100, Michael Anckaert wrote:
> Hello all,
> I get 2 different kind of signed emails, emails with a detached sig and
> emails with the sig in the email itself. 
> What is the correct form according to the RFC (or what is the standard)?

They are both correct.  RFC-1991 and 2440 define the inline format.
RFC-3156 defines the PGP/MIME format.

There is some substantial disagreement on which is the right one to
use in various cases.  In general, PGP/MIME handles many things that
inline does not, but inline is much easier to support and has less
interoperability problems.


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