Bad signature - SOLVED

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Wed Dec 11 16:35:01 2002

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First of all congrats to Ingl=F6 for pointing out this (new) problem.

Thanks to Gustavo for reminding us of Outlook "features" - he was
right. This time it's my fault -entirely :) In your case, Gustavo, I
think you use extended chars in your messages but they seem encoded
OK... I also have bad signatures on your messages to the list,

I compared the offending message still sitting in my sent-mail and
the one I got via the list and the only small but important
difference is that the accents in my name at the end of each recent
message had been stripped.

After comparing the headers of a message that verified OK on the
WinPT list a few days ago and those more recent on this list, I
hadn't paid much attention to my setup and my messages where being
encoded as US-ASCII. I also noticed every window title has the
indication USA-ASCII if it's encoded like that! The offending header
is :
Content-Type: text/plain;

As a result, any accents or special characters in my name where being
changed to normal ASCII and the original message changed, causing the
signature to fail. To change this in outlook 2000:
At Tools | Options | Mail Format , in the "Message Format" section:
- - In the "Settings... " extended dialog, choose "MIME" , Encode tex=
using: "None", and check the box for "Allow 8-bit characters  in
headers". Also make sure the wrapping is *superior* to that set in
any plugin for GPG/PGP you're using.
- - In the "International optios..." extended dialog, make sure bot
"Use English for ..." boxes are checked and both "Use this encoding"
are set to the correct char set you're using. For"iso-8859-1", choose
"Western European (ISO)"

This message should verify OK and future messages too... and the
accents should be there.

I had two questions:

 - The FAQ has a mention about iso-8859-1 beingthe default charset,
but if I used another, I should use the charset option, right ?
Thanks for any confirmation on this.
 - Is there/should there be a gnupg-test mailing list ?

Many thanks to all for your assistance,

Fabi=E1n Rodr=EDguez - Toxik Technologies, Inc. - (514) 528-6945 @221
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Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (MingW32) - WinPT 0.7.92-cvs