GPG Automation on NT via VB

Scott Brooks
Wed Dec 11 20:38:02 2002

Hi All,

I searched the archives, but struck out.   I have a Visual Basic 6
program running on a NT 4.0 Server.  In the VB program I create a .bat
file with GPG encryption commands, shell the bat file, and then wait for
it to finish.  The program works fine when I'm logged onto the server as
the administrator.  But when I logoff as administrator and try to run
the VB program via DataStage, I can no longer find the public keys I
added with WinPT when I was logged on as the administrator.  I looked in
the registry and saw the gpgProgram and HomeDir entries are under the
HKEY_Current_user.  I tried to set these up under the
HKEY_Local_Machine, but this didn't work.  My next step is to try to
mess with the path.  But, before I hurt myself too badly, I thought I
would ask you experts.  Any advise?



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