A bug in version 1.2.1?

Ingo Klöcker ingo.kloecker@epost.de
Thu Dec 12 02:10:16 2002

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On Wednesday 11 December 2002 10:55, Michael Nahrath wrote:
> Alexandros Papadopoulos <apapadop@cmu.edu> schrieb am 2002-12-11 07:23 
> > On Tuesday 10 December 2002 21:47, engage wrote:
> >> When I try to encrypt a message within Kmail, I get a window for
> >> verifying/selecting keys. Even though I have that person's key on
> >> the keyring and even though it shows that person's key in the
> >> window, I can't encrypt to that person or even select the
> >> appropriate key. However, I can encrypt from the CLI. Is it a
> >> Kmail 1.4.3 (KDE 3.x) bug or a GPG 1.2.1 bug?
> >
> > You need to at least lsign the key. Assign NO trust if you like,
> > but KMail will not let you encrypt to a key you have not signed.

That's not entirely true. KMail will not allow the usage of untrusted 
keys. The keys don't have to be necessarily signed by the user himself.

> Are the Kmail authors informed?

Yes, we are informed about this. And we intentionally decided to do it 
this way.

> When will they fix this severe bug?

Severe bug? I beg your pardon.

Anyway, I will probably make it possible to use untrusted keys after 
showing a confirmation dialog like you proposed.


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