GPG support in Mahogany

Michael Nahrath
Thu Dec 12 03:16:02 2002

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Ingo Kl=C3=B6cker <> schrieb am 2002-12-12 01:14 Uhr:

>> including) /bin/mail.  Even this many years after its creation,
>> PGP/MIME is still only supported in a very few clients.
> And therefore it's time to push PGP/MIME. Else this will never change.

>> Some discussion on this topic:
> I don't care for mail clients that can't handle PGP/MIME or even MIME
> correctly. We can't always stick to the lowest common denominator.

Then please be so kind and start by fixing either your own client or mine!

Whenever I try to validate one of your mails I get "This message does not
apear to contain any OpenPGP-compatible encrypted data."

You are the only senderon this list whom I have this problem with.

Your Attatchement (application/pgp-signature document) looks like
the other's do.=20
So it might be a problem with type-declarations in the e-mail headers,
but I won't go into that voodoo stuff right now.

Things are at least a lot easier to debug if people send e-mail as
clearsigned plain text.

I use Entourage with EntourageGPG on MacOS X.

You may say that this is bad software.

I say youre mails proof that interoptability is the main issue
with PGP/MIME and that it is not solved well enough yet.

Greeting, Michi

Version: GnuPG v1.3.1 (Darwin)