Problems at site since new look

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Thu Dec 12 03:33:02 2002

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Last week I reported this to but so far no
reaction or answer.

Maybe someone else can help ? Just wanted to share some problems I
found on the site.

1. I previously reported a problem with the mailing lists section of
the site. It appears a similar problem exists at:

All urls end up in a message similar to:

The resource requested /cgi-bin/
cannot be found.
If you feel that this is a configuration error, please contact the
administrators or the author of the referring referring page."

2. At , the
news for GnuPG 1.0.7 appears twice

3. Not really web related, but I noticed the last 4 announcements
were not posted gnupg-announce, only to gnupg-devel and gpa-dev:
gpgme 0.3.14,
cryptplug 0.3.14, newpg 0.9.4 and cryptplug 0.3.15

4. Older pages for french, german and spanish are unavailable. Now
there's even some german in the front page. In general, any pages
removed from the older site now only display an error message! This
is also true for important sections of the old site like the
frontends! Maybe a standard redirect to the new home of GnuPG would
better server people
accessing from other existing site linking to older content. Search
in Google with this for an example :

5. At , Robert
Guerra's link is dead

6. At , the link at
"The latest HTML version is available _here_" is dead. There is also
a reference to RFC 2440 and the link is dead too. In 3.1, the link is dead too.

7. has a different (the older) design, making
it look as if it's an external site

Take care,

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