GPG support in Mahogany

Dick Gevers Dick Gevers <>
Thu Dec 12 17:18:01 2002

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Hi Alex and others,

On Thursday, 12 December 2002 at 15:30 h, Janusz A. Urbanowiz wrote
about "Re: GPG support in Mahogany":

>thats true. but you may try to warn him.

Of course; I have no problem with that.

>The point of original 'eyes only' feature want limitation of
>circulation of the content.

Rightly so.

>The original threat mode of PGP was paranoid. The point of the
>feature was to prevent saving plaintext to local disk (in case it
>was intercepted by The Watchers) and surface analyzed.

I am aware of that. But I wanted to say to Xavier that he (I.M.O.)
shouldn't force a threat mode on the recipient: the recipient
should be able to override that by disabling a tempest viewer if so
desired or saving to disk if in his opinion such is safe enough,
notwithstanding the wishes of the sender.

But I'm under the impression that we are in agreement on that.

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