Compiling my own GNUPG-binary on a Windows-system

Johannes Leitsch
Fri Dec 13 10:19:02 2002

Hi there,

sorry to have to ask this, but how do i compile my own binary of GNUPG (or 
other GNU-/OS-software) from the source-code on a MS-Windows-system?

All the different Unices seem to come along with their C-compilers (or is 
it C++ and if what is the real difference between both?), but what 
"utility" do i use to make a Windows-binary from the source code.

Do i really have to buy a licence of MS-compilers (or another commercial 
compiler software) or is there a free / open source solution to this problem?

Is it possible to make / compile a Windows-binary on a "Unix"-system (*BSD, 

I'm only just at the beginning of switching to OS-software (not yet totally 
sure as to what is best suited for me: *BSD or Linux) but at the moment i'm 
still using Windows and would like to do some own compiling / making of 
binaries on this platform too. I started using the GNUPP-cd-rom 
( , and would 
urgently like to see if the binaries supplied on this cd-rom are really 
"the real stuff" or if s.o. applied some "improvement" to them... ;-)

Thanks a lot already in advance for any - highly appreciated - help! A 
(some) link(s) would be more than enough... And if this info can easily be 
found in any newbie-FAQ then pls. be so kind to leave a link too!

And pls. do have a nice day! :-)

Johannes Leitsch