bad signature on clear signing

Fri Dec 13 17:51:02 2002

Hello all,
Volker Gaibler was kind enough to inform me of a bad signature on a 
clear-signed message to
the group.
After a series of tests with another (local) gpg user, using 3 different 
mail programs, I find
that my signature is always bad when I clear sign a message and mail it, 
though there is no visible sign of alteration to the message in 
transmission If I transfer the message to another machine via a floppy the 
signature is good. The problem is specific to clear-signed messages; if I 
use "sign" or
"encrypt and sign" the signature is good.
The problem is not specific to GnuPG; the same thing occurs when I use PGP 8.
Any ideas from the experts?
(I am using gpg 1.2.1-nr1 with GPGshell 2.65)


-- Tenui
PGP key:
3A6F F173 43E5 6DC4 48BA FF96 0FB9 7EF0 4E19 C1FF

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