bad signature on clear signing

David Shaw
Fri Dec 13 21:19:02 2002

On Fri, Dec 13, 2002 at 12:49:26PM -0500, Anthony E. Greene wrote:
> On 13-Dec-2002/06:52 -1000, Tenui <> wrote:
> >After a series of tests with another (local) gpg user, using 3 different 
> >mail programs, I find
> >that my signature is always bad when I clear sign a message and mail it, 
> [snip]
> >The problem is not specific to GnuPG; the same thing occurs when I use PGP 8.
> >Any ideas from the experts?
> >(I am using gpg 1.2.1-nr1 with GPGshell 2.65)
> Maybe your mail server is removing trailing spaces from the end of the
> lines. Try enabling Quoted-Printable.

You should be able to mangle whitespace at the end of lines in clear
signatures.  Part of the spec specifically requires that end of line
white space is ignored when making the signature hash (for the exact
reason you mention, if I recall correctly).


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