bad signature on clear signing

Mon Dec 16 17:31:02 2002

ORIGINAL MESSAGE ===== At 06:52 13/12/2002 -1000
>Volker Gaibler was kind enough to inform me of a bad signature on a clear-signed message to
>the group.
>After a series of tests with another (local) gpg user, using 3 different mail programs, I find
>that my signature is always bad when I clear sign a message and mail it, though there is no visible sign of alteration to the message in transmission If I transfer the message to another machine via a floppy the signature is good. The problem is specific to clear-signed messages; if I use "sign" or
>"encrypt and sign" the signature is good.
>The problem is not specific to GnuPG; the same thing occurs when I use PGP 8.
>Any ideas from the experts?
>(I am using gpg 1.2.1-nr1 with GPGshell 2.65)

The signatures check out "bad" becausetwo extra lines (CR LF) are inserted in the 
clear-signed messages, somewhere between the outbox and the recipient.

The first is inserted after the hash id (after the blank line that 
follows the hash id, according to a hex comparison with UltraEdit).

The second is inserted after the GnuPG or PGP version information and before the
blank line following that information.

The extra lines are inserted no matter which mail program I Use. I
have tested with Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus Mail and
Foxmail. I have tried three SMTP servers, and checked that my outmail
virus scan is not in cause.
So, I wonder if Windows itself is in cause (or more specifically Windows 2000). If not, I
must have a gremlin some where in my OS.

Do any other Windows users have the same problem,


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