bad signature on clear signing

Mon Dec 16 20:43:02 2002

OnMon, 16 Dec 2002 18:55:12 +0100 Per Tunedal <> wrote:

 >I have noticed that some signed messages to this mailinglist are BAD as 
well. I haven't made such a >thorough research as you, though. I suppose 
PGP-MIME messages would be more reliable because >there is kind of an 
envelope. But I have other problems with those: all PGP or GPG 
plug-ins/frontends >does not seem to like each others messages. I haven't 
got very deep into that either.
 >Per Tunedal

I think your signature is bad, also, Per. I do not have your public key to 
verify it, and when I read your
post in my mail program I do not see he extra blank lines, but the extra 
lines show when the message is copy-pasted to Notepad or when I read the 
message in hex format.


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