Announcement: WinPT 2Go

Gustavo Vasconcelos
Tue Dec 17 04:32:01 2002

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Hello, All.

in order to make easier for users to carry a portable cryptosystem I
decided to build a package named WinPT 2Go.

WinPT 2Go is a small set of files with basic features. It includes WinPT
and GPG. The GPG version is a Nullify one, but compiled with no
optimizations and thus, smaller. For more information please refer to
Keith's message to PGP-Basics mailing list.

All files were compressed with UPX (ultimate Packager for eXecutable),
including PDT.dll (--force).

This package is in alpha stage, and may not work the way you think. This
pre-release is mostly to collect information from the brave testers for
major tweaks and settings.

If you dare, download it, install to a floppy, camera, usb device or
even to a hard disk. Then use it and say what you think. The final
product will be result of all comments I receive. if it interests you,
have a look.

Download from (+.sig) or

Other relevant URL's: - Windown Privacy Tray - GNU Privacy Guard - Nullify GnuPG - Ultimate Packager for eXecutables - Inno Setup

Thank you gentlemen.
Do not run while holding sharp objects.
(Members of WinPT-Users are used to these messages)


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Gustavo Vasconcelos
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