bad signature on clear signing

Tue Dec 17 18:29:01 2002

 >>I have noticed that some signed messages to this mailinglist are BAD as 
well. I haven't made such >>a thorough research as you, though. I suppose 
PGP-MIME messages would be more reliable >>because there is kind of an 
envelope. But I have other problems with those: all PGP or GPG 
plug->>ins/frontends does not seem to like each others messages. I haven't 
got very deep into that either.

 >I think your signature is bad, also, Per. I do not have your public key 
to verify it, and when I read your
 >post in my mail program I do not see he extra blank lines, but the extra 
lines show when the >message is copy-pasted to Notepad or when I read the 
message in hex format.

Hello Per,
With your key, I can confirm that your signature is bad for me (on both of 
your signed messages),
but Xavier Nodet tells me that the signature on your post to gnupg-users 
was good for him.

To add to the confusion, Volker Gaibler informed me  that my signature on 
one message was
good. That makes one good signature from about 50 messages!!

"Our software doesn't have bugs; it just has some surprises to make your 
life interesting." -- B*ll G*ates.



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