How do gnupg and gpa indicate the revoced status

Timm Riesen
Wed Dec 18 13:50:01 2002


First of all, I'd like to apologize in case of this question is answered
I tried to read as much as possible and I did some google groups
searches as well. (FAQ and man pages did not helped much, and the manual
section of seems to be unavailable for the moment.)


I recently needed to revoke a key. I generated a myrevoke.asc file with
the 'gpg --gen-revoke --output revoke.asc MYKEYID' command.
After that I imported this to my keyring and sent the key to the server.

Later I checked the status of this key:
(after serverupdate in the clients)

Inside Windows PgP the key appears as revoked.
Inside Linux seahorse it appears as revoked.
Inside GPA and inside the normal gpg (shell) I did not found a way to
distinct between revoked and valid keys.

The all look like before
How can I see, that this revocation cert was imported, where is it?

I know about the revkeys and revsig options within the --edit-key
context, but I do not understand the difference between revoking this
way, or with the certificate...

>From my point if view, this revocation features are a bit poor
documented, especially for non-geeks ;-)

Any help is very appreciated!

(Please do not quote things like: "man, the whole revocation thing is a
joke, and RTFM, because I already read such answers in archived threads,
and I can definitely confirm that the question would remain!)

kind regards