Most appropriate / usefuls / synchronizing keyservers ?

Toxik - Fabian Rodriguez
Wed Dec 18 15:16:02 2002

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I recently updated my keys, which, combined with some signature
problems (related to charsets), made me aware of the relative
"isolation" of some keyservers.

There is a nice graphic from describing (all?) keyservers
relationships at:

Legend (thanks to []):
Gray: No information on server type
Blue: Servers that have forwarded information to RedIris, pkcd
Red: LDAP servers at NAI/PGP Inc.

I'd like to know what would be the minimal list of keyservers I would
have to upload a public key to so it is available to the most people

I've also compiled a summary list with my personal reasons to update
at each keyserver, mostly www since I only keep one or two in WinPT's
keyserver file. Should I update to any other(s) ? What general
principles should I keep in mind ?

 - - If you want your key to be
considered into the Keyanalyze reports, measuring Mean Shortest
Distance (MSD) to another key - not anabsolute measure of trust but
an interesting one
 - - If you want your key to be visible in
Pathfinder searches (see
 - - To make yourself available for
keysigning, Pathfinder and KeyAnalyze reports available too
 - - Still a site/server linked from many older
PGP resources
 - ldap:// - The only place I know accepts keys with
Photo IDs, but not synchronized with others (?)

Jason Harris also has very interesting information on Photo IDs
support and other keyserver information, at:

Many thanks for any comments or suggestions on this.


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