ANNOUNCE: Self-Learning OpenPGP and S/MIME Gateway

GnuPG Users
Wed Dec 18 17:40:02 2002

Glueck & Kanja is very pleased to announce a completely new technology =
based on the OpenPGP and S/MIME standards. To make a long story short: =
We are introducing a virtual keyserver concept and key generation based =
on e-mail traffic analysis. =20

We are posting these news to the GnuPG Users List because we would like =
to start a discussion about this approach and because we are looking for =
corporations wanting to take part in an early bird program. We view the =
new technology as an addition, not a full replacement, of end-to-end =
security, allowing organizations to implement cost-effective e-mail =
security for everyone. Here are the first few paragraphs of the press =

Self-Learning CryptoEx Gateway Introduced

Offenbach, December 18th, 2002 - Glueck & Kanja Technology AG, one of =
Germany's leading manufacturers of security solutions, today announced a =
new product range that will revolutionize the security market for PKI =
solutions. By using a self-learning gateway, all employees of an =
enterprise can immediately take part in PKI-based encryption and =
signature of e-mails. The solution takes information from the =
enterprise's standard communication to automatically generate and =
certify personalized keys for each employee. Each user can send and =
receive OpenPGP and S/MIME encrypted messages straight after the =
installation of the new technology on a single server, without =
increasing the effort for content scanning and virus protection.=20

Conventional decentralized e-mail encryption is mostly just deployed in =
highly sensitive departments that require end-to-end security. CryptoEx =
Gateway provides a cost-effective alternative that makes encryption =
usable for entire corporations. =20

The big difference of the CryptoEx Gateway compared to a conventional =
gateway solution is that it does not require a manual administration of =
keys using a certificate authority. Instead, it works by automatically =
processing all operations, especially the key generation and =
certification. In other words: The key pairs are generated on demand =
rather than having to be maintained manually and in advance by an =

For more information, read the full press release at:=20


Christian Kirsch
Product Manager
Gl=FCck & Kanja Technology AG