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Adrian 'Dagurashibanipal' von Bidder avbidder@fortytwo.ch
Fri Dec 27 17:03:01 2002

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Yo again!

Hope everybody survived christmas and is looking forward to the new

When I gpg --check-sigs on my keyring, I see many signatures from
unknown keys marked as good - like this:

avbidder@altfrangg:~$ gpg --check-sigs 09AC0A6A 9A4C704C | less
pub  1024D/09AC0A6A 1998-07-14 L. Sassaman <>
sig!        2C6D110A 2000-01-22   [User id not found]

while other signatures are not shown at all. Why is this? When I gpg
--edit this key and use delsig, it shows the same behaviour: some
signatures are 'delete this good signature?', while others are 'this
unknown signature':

Command> delsig
uid  L. Sassaman <>
sig?        A87EF2CA 2000-02-02  =20
Delete this unknown signature? (y/N/q)
uid  L. Sassaman <> =20
sig!        2C6D110A 2000-01-22   [User id not found]
Delete this good signature? (y/N/q)

man gpg is not helpful on this.

thanks & cheers
-- vbi

get my gpg key here: http://fortytwo.ch/gpg/92082481

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