how to execute from the web

Andre Flitsch
Fri Feb 1 12:43:01 2002


I have a problem getting gnupg to execute from the web. I have looked in the
archives of this list and tried some of the methods that have been
suggested. As yet i have not been able to make them work.

I am using PHP to trigger the encryption of an email. This is the command
that i am issuing:

'$msg' |
/usr/bin/gpg -a --no-tty --always-trust --batch --no-secmem-warning -e  -r
$publicKey --homedir /home/kinetec/.gnupg -o $crypted

When i execute the command from the prompt it works, but in the PHP script
the output file is not generated. I have asked the support staff from the
host, and they have given me this answer:

"The program is already executable by nobody, and it is executing... the
problem is that it works based on the username that is calling it. It still
has the ability to be run from the web."

I have asked for an explanation of the answer but have recieved no response.
I would appreciate it if anyone can shed some light on the part of the
answer that has to do with the username. Is there something missing from my
command that will make the encryption happen? Any help that helps me to get
the encryption working will be thankfully recieved.