Strange trust problem

Nicolas Rachinsky
Sat Feb 2 08:15:02 2002

* On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 07:43:14PM -0800,
* Mark Pettit <> wrote:
> Notice that the validity is "q".  Why is this?  The key "2222" has
> been signed by user "1111".  I'm telling gpg that user "1111" is the
> trusted-key.  Why is the key for "2222" not valid?

I had a similar problem. I discovered an option to gnupg which showed
me an error in my trustdb. Try "gpg --check-trustdb", perhaps your
trustdb is broken. I solved the problem with deleting my trustdb and
making a new one. This was ok to me, because I have only about three
keys I trust (at the moment). Perhaps exporting, deleting and
re-importing the trustdb could help, but I don't know. There seems to
be another (in the manpage) undocumented option "--fix-trustdb" but I
don't know its purpose.

Hope this helps